"Gore obsessed" CD by Cannibal Corpse

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Due to their controversial lyrics and artworks, the cannibals have become one of the leading death metal bands worldwide over the years. Deservedly, the guys, led by bass prodigy Alex Webster, have consistently delivered good quality for many years. With 'Gore obsessed,' the quintet has even managed to create their best album ever. You can't play death metal any better than this!


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Musical Genre Death Metal\t
Exclusive No
Media - Format 1-3 CD
Product topic Bands
Band Cannibal Corpse
Product type CD
Release date 2/25/02
Gender Unisex

CD 1

  • 1.
    Savage butchery
  • 2.
    Hatched to the head
  • 3.
    Pit of zombies
  • 4.
    Dormant bodies bursting
  • 5.
    Compelled to lacerate
  • 6.
    Drowning in vicera
  • 7.
    Hung and bled
  • 8.
    Sanded faceless
  • 9.
    Mutation of the cadaver
  • 10.
    When death replaces life
  • 11.

by Manuel Lived (01/02) The - for their lyrics and their artworks - scandalous Cannibals have become one of the leading Death Metal bands over the years. Deservedly, for the guys around bass wonder Alex Webster have delivered constantly good works for years now. With "Gore obsessed", the quintet now release their best album to date. And I'm not exaggerating, as you can hear on all of the 11 compositions. No matter if you listen to fast hate-killers, like "Savage butchery", "Hatchet to the head" or "Dormant bodies bursting" with its godly break, here you'll get it all! Not to mention "Pit of zombies" or "Drowning in viscera" provided with catchy riffs and breathtaking tempo-changes. With this, you neck will definitely break! Equally fantastic is the mid-tempo hammer, "When death replaces life", stamping everything else into the ground. The limited first edition contains the fat cover version of Metallica's "No remorse". "Gore obsessed" is already now a classic and should be on your list immediately. There is no way to perform better Death Metal!

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