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Skinny Jeans

The Skinny Jeans for Men, are tight fitting and figure-hugging, guaranteeing a great look! Skinny Jeans have a comfortable rise, making them really good to wear. The leg is the same width as the hem.

Slim Fit

The Slim-Fit jeans are available in a medium rise. They are V-shaped, meaning that they sit a little looser at the thigh and taper towards the hem. The Slim is just tight as the Skinny, but with a little more give.

Straight Fit

The Straight-Fit jean is the classic: straight cut with some give. If you like to be casual, cool and comfortable, you need these jeans! Medium rise and straight leg.

Boot Cut

Everyone looks great in these jeans! Wide cut at the thigh, perfect for the larger man! The leg is flared, leaving room for boots underneath, hence the name 'Boot Cut'! The clever cut draws attention away from your thighs, giving the impression of really long leg! Available in a medium rise.


The Tapered Jeans is a clever mix of wide cut and tight cut. Around the thigh they are comfortable and wide. A really generous cut means they can be worn high on the waist if desired. Around the hem, the cut is tighter - it looks great! Available in a comfortable medium rise.

Loose Fit

Like a lot of leg space? Then the Loose Fit Jeans are ideal for you. Casual and amazingly comfortable. The straight, wide cut provides ample leg space! As wide around the thighs as they are around the hem, even the largest of thighs appear slimmer. - Available in a medium rise. They look great and feel comfortable.


  Nick Jared / Lemmy Vince Pete Johnny Marc
Correct Fit Skinny Slim Tapered Straight Boot Cut Loose
Rise Medium Rise Medium Rise Medium Rise Medium Rise Medium Rise Medium Rise
Thigh Very small Cut Small Cut Comfortable Cut Comfortable Cut Comfortable Cut Comfortable Cut
Foot width Very small Small Small Normal Boot cut Wide cut