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Item no. 308070
Gender Unisex
Musical Genre Melodic Death Metal
Exclusive No
Media - Format 1-3 LP
Product topic Bands
Band Amon Amarth
Product type LP
Release date 7/28/17
Relaunch of the black vinyl "Original Collection"!

Variety is what the new album "With Oden on our side" is all about. Upbeat Death Metal chords meet with epic sounds and melodic, sophisticated guitar tones. The varied guitar sounds are particularly fitting for the album and bring out the hammer sounds of Sweden's token Viking!

Features: 400g cover (inside-out print), 250g insert, large poster.
LP 0
0. With oden on our side
LP 1
1. Valhalla awaits me 2. Runes to my memory 3. Asator 4. Hermod's ride to hell - Lokes treachery Part 1 5. Gods of war arise 6. With oden on our side 7. Cry of the blackbirds 8. Under the northern side 9. Prediction of warfare
Björn Thorsten Jaschinski

by Björn Thorsten Jaschinski (05.10.2006) By the way the Vikings make the weaker "Fate of norns" forgotten, the dead man ship Nagelfar will have to transport other freights than Amon Amarth's remains for the next time. No place for "Valhal awaits me". Although: the edgy opener doesn't stand for an early, but rather an honourable death in the battle. While the preceding album sounded as if the team would struggle with the oars in inland waters, now the wind of the open sea fills the sails again. Amon Amarth is stylistically strictly defined, they have to use the whole range. In doing so, they stick to their best album ever, "Versus the world". Besides unique, typical songs with great melody lines - "Gods of war arise", e.g. is very experienced - you get the heavy hymns "Runes to my memory" and "Hermod's ride to Hel" as well as the energetic, fast song "Asator" and with "Under the northern star" again a softer exception. "Cry of the black birds" even sounds like a rhythmically more progressive study of the material of the legendary first mini CD.