"October Rust" CD by Type O Negative

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New is the fact that Master Steele is singing more and more melodically, while the deep vocals take a backseat. Furthermore, it is noticeable that influences from the late 60s can be heard from every corner, which means that 'October Rust' has turned out considerably calmer and more relaxed than its predecessor. Not even 'Red Water' sounded as dreamy as 'Summer Breeze'! However, TYPE 0 NEGATIVE are far from delivering a boring album. This is ensured alone by the highlights filled with magnificent melodies such as 'Druidess', 'Wolf Moon', the epic 'Haunted', or the fantastic Neil Young cover, 'Cinnamon Girl'. Which style each individual prefers is ultimately purely a matter of taste. That 'October Rust' is a great album, on the other hand, is not up for debate, as it is a fact.


Item no. 405119
Musical Genre Gothic Metal
Exclusive No
Media - Format 1-3 CD
Product topic Bands
Band Type O Negative
Product type CD
Release date 8/20/96
Gender Unisex

CD 1

  • 1.
    Bad Ground
  • 2.
    Title Unknown
  • 3.
    Love You To Death
  • 4.
    Be My Druidess
  • 5.
    Green Man
  • 6.
    Red Water (Christmas Mourning)
  • 7.
    My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
  • 8.
    Die With Me
  • 9.
    Burnt Flowers Fallen
  • 10.
    In Praise Of Bacchus
  • 11.
    Cinnamon Girl
  • 12.
    The Glorious Liberation Of The People's Technocratic Republic Of Vinnland
  • 13.
    Wolf Moon (Incl. Zoanthropic Paranoia)
  • 14.
  • 15.
    (no title) 'October Rust' Track 15 (spoken word outro) (Album Version)

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