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We all know that metal rocks. But why? How does really good metal work? How can the performers handle their instruments so well, and what is the secret behind screams and growls? So many questions.
At our EMP x Full Force School Of Metal we get to the bottom of the metal phenomenon. Follow along with our coaches and learn the basics of each instrument. Play your first riff on the guitar, your first bass line or your first rhythm on the drums and learn how to growl so hard the walls shake.
Once a week we present you the secrets of key players from top metal bands. Look forward to lessons from Alestorm, HeavenShallBurn, Saltatio Mortis, Eluveitie’s vocal coach and the tourmanager of Parkway Drive and Boysetsfire an active part of the scene.

Episode 05

EMP x Full Force | School Of Metal
How to play Metal Bass

You want to set the rhythm? The guitar is actually too small for you as a battle ax anyway? Then welcome to the world of deep tones. Frank Heim, bassist of the number 1 chart band Saltatio Mortis takes you along and plays the first notes, the first basslines and the first riffs on the bass with you.

Episode 04

EMP x Full Force | School Of Metal
Learn how to manage a band on tour with Oise Roinsberger from Parkway Drive and Boysetsfire

Is being on stage not really your thing? Would you rather be there in the background to organize and plan and make sure that the band is actually on the tour bus when it sets off? Then you should check out what Oise has prepared for you. He has been the tour manager for Parkway Drive, Boysetsfire and others for many years. It goes without saying that he has experienced a lot during that time. So listen to his anecdotes and find out for yourself whether tour management might be better suited to you than playing an instrument!

Episode 03

EMP x Full Force | School Of Metal
How to play drums with Christian Bass of Heaven Shall Burn

Here we concentrate on the hammering beats, fat double bass and crashing percussion of Mr Bass and his drum kit. What do you need? Just bring yourself and your enthusiasm and interest – you’ll find out the rest in the video. You’ll find out if the drums are the right instrument for you if your legs start to twitch! Christian Bass, the drummer for Heaven Shall Burn, can also count a #1 position in the German album charts among his successes, as the band cleaned up with their latest album “Of Truth and Sacrifice”.

Episode 02

EMP x Full Force | School Of Metal
How to use your voice with Sandrina Sedona 

Sandrina has oiled her vocal cords for you so that you too can take your first steps and learn the difference between screams and growls!
Sandrina Sedona has worked with Melissa Cross for many years and has a repertoire that is second to none. In addition to members of bands such as Elveitie, Faun and Tenside, many other rock and pop artists have also worked with Sandrina to learn how to use their vocal power to perfection.

Episode 01

EMP x Full Force | School Of Metal
How to play guitar with Mate Bodor of Alestorm

Tune up and get ready to enjoy and learn something about the most famous stringed instrument with Mate! Mate Bodor has been a member of Alestorm since 2015 and he has taken some time to tell you where his guitar experience comes from and how he became one of the hottest guitarists in the metal world today.

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