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Gender Unisex
Musical Genre Folk Rock
Exclusive No
Media - Format 1-3 CD
Product topic Bands
Band Corvus Corax
Product type CD
Release date 7/7/06
A special voyage in the year 1300.
CD 1
1. Anti dolores capitis 2. Venus Vina Musica 3. Urmawi 4. Tuska 5. Qui nous demaine 6. Bibit aleum 7. Katrinka 8. Tertio 9. Feralis saltare 10. Sanyogita 11. Scotus 12. Lamentatio coelibatus
Sonja Angerer

by Sonja Angerer (11.07.2006) The new studio album narrates a very special musical journey: in the 13th century, a touring minstrel started from his home in the German-Hungarian area to the far east to find the legendary tripper, Sanyogita. The album paints a musical picture of the stations of this journey: “Katrinka“ is about a drinking session on the Balkan, “Tuska” of the music of the minstrels, „Terzio“ was written after a halt in the Bretagne. The instrumental, “Urmawi“ is a gift of an Arabian erudite, „Sanyogita“ is about the home of the woman of his dream in Idia and Tibet, „Bibit aleum“ with its drum-part about the proud Samurai-warriors. “Lamentatio coelibatus“, the monks' lamentations about the abstinence given by their class, superimposed by Augustinus. All these influences come together for a sensual cocktail full of colours that still always remains Corvus Corax - an fantastic, wild journey through space and time.

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