"The Many Faces Of Judas Priest" CD by V.A.

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With 'The Many Faces Of Judas Priest,' we accompany you into the inner world of the band and enjoy various side projects of the band members. Additionally, we delve into the work of some of their music producers and explore a fantastic catalog of songs.

CD1: At the beginning of this journey stands Al Atkins, who was none other than the original singer of Judas Priest and who founded the band in Birmingham, England, in 1969. Following that are tracks from Violent Storm, Mick Cervino's fantastic group, and other musical delights.

CD2 of The Many Faces then delivers a tribute to the songs of Judas Priest, true anthems of the genre that highlight their remarkable songwriting talents. The songs are performed by bands from various subgenres of metal and present the broad and deep influence and respect that Judas Priest has acquired.

CD3 concludes this boxset with a selection of bands typical of the British metal scene, from Maineeaxe's Speed to Holosade's link to thrash metal. Additionally, some more underground New Wave Of British Heavy Metal bands like Gaskin and Ace Lane are presented here, and finally, Heritage (led by Paul Johnson, bassist of Saxon) and 21 Guns, led by former Thin Lizzy guitarist Scott Gorham, follow.


Item no. 359006
Musical Genre Heavy Metal
Exclusive No
Media - Format 1-3 3-CD
Product topic Bands
Band V.A.
Product type CD
Release date 6/16/17
Gender Unisex
1. Winter - Al Atkins (Original Singer Of "The Priest") 2. Deceiver - Violent Storm Feat. Kk Downing 3. Coming Down - Sundance Feat. Alan Moore 4. Victimas Del Rock - Tigres (Produced B Dave Holland) 5. 1066 (Es El Nombre Del Tema, 1066) - Hannibal (Produced By Rodger Bain) 6. Annie New Orleans - Elf (Produced By Roger Glover) 7. Getting Near To You - Glenn Hughes Feat. Dave Holland 8. War No More - Violent Storm Feat. Kk Downing 9. Never Satisfied - Al Atkins (Original Singer Of "The Priest") 10. A Tiempo - Tigres (Produced By Dave Holland) 11. Look Upon Me - Hannibal (Produced By Rodger Bain) 12. ItΒ΄s About Time - Glenn Hughes Feat Dave Holland 13. Living In A Backstreet - Spencer Davis Group Produced By Roger Glover) 14. Crazy Song - Sundance Feat. Alan Moore 15. Screaming For Vengeance - Iced Earth 16. Electric Eye - As I Lay Dying 17. Saints In Hell - Fates Warning 18. Hell Patrol - Angelus Apatrida 19. Night Crawler - Radakka 20. Breaking The Law - Unleashed 21. Rocka Rolla - Wolf 22. The Ripper - Iced Earth 23. Never Satisfied - Six Feet Under 24. Out In The Cold - Witherscape 25. Exciter - Strapping Young Lad 26. Love Bites - Nevermore 27. Night Crawler - Six Feet Under 28. Last Rose Of Summer - Whiterscape 29. Shout It Out - Maineeaxe 30. Welcome To The Hell House - Holosade 31. Despiser - Gaskin 32. Emotion - Ace Lane 33. NothingΒ΄s Real - 21 Guns 34. Attack Attack - Heritage 35. Jay - Ace Lane 36. Madame Guillotine - Holosade 37. Run To The Angels - Maineeaxe 38. Sweet Dream Maker - Gaskin 39. Remorse Code - Heritage 40. No Soul - 21 Guns

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