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Gender Unisex
Musical Genre Melodic Death Metal
Exclusive No
Media - Format 1-3 CD & DVD
Edition Special Edition
Product topic Bands
Band In Flames
Product type CD
Release date 6/17/11
In Flames surprise on their new longplayer with a lot of melody, mainly clean vocals and 13 great, catchy and hymnic tracks. Basically the perfect mixture from „Reroute to remain“ and „Come clarity“ - 110% In Flames.

CD & DVD in digipak with pop-up incl. booklet with semi see-through pages.
1. Sounds of a playground fading 2. Deliver us 3. All for me 4. The puzzle 5. Fear is the weakness 6. Where the dead ships dwell 7. The attic 8. Darker times 9. Ropes 10. Enter tragedy 11. Jester's door 12. A new dawn 13. Libertation 14. Recording "Sounds of a playgrond fading"
Markus Wosgien

by Markus Wosgien (30.06.2011) In Flames may have introduced melodic Death Metal to the broader public, but their musical history consists of evolution and development. The Swedes don’t know the meaning of the word idleness - so, each album is packed with surprises. But this time, they had to cope with the exit of their guitarist and song writer Jesper Strömblad - he has since been replaced by their former temporary axe man Niclas Engelin (Passenger, Engel) who has helped the band frequently for a long time. "Sounds of a playground fading“ is super melodic, catchy, and features the most clean vocal parts by Andres Fridén in the band’s history so far. Basically, it’s exactly the album which everybody would have expected after "Reroute to remain“. The 13 Tracks are clever and sophisticated, brimming with the well-known In Fames trademarks and energy. A classy output - and with the first single "Deliver us“, the title track "Sounds of a playground fading“, and the anthemic "Where the dead ships dwell“, it contains some real gems. This is definitely the most melodic and catchiest opus by the Swedes - once again, a brilliant release!