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Band Rammstein
Product type CD
Release date 4/2/01
CD 1
1. Mein Herz Brennt 2. Links 2 3 4 3. Sonne 4. Ich will 5. Feuer frei! 6. Mutter 7. Spieluhr 8. Zwitter 9. Rein Raus 10. Adios 11. Nebel
Sonja Angerer

by Sonja Angerer (null) Whenever a great band releases a new album, one wonders beforehand: could they match it? And yes, Rammstein have got it right. Definitely, even if it has taken some time. Till & Co. have realised what so many bands failed in trying: to improve but stay the old at the same time. New elements like the first ever Rammstein ballad "Nebel", the Techno-Dance-keyboards in "Ich will" or the Rockabilly/Alternative-influence in "Adios" harmonise perfectly with the well known martial-rocky sound walls. And they still manage to write catchy hooklines, as the first single "Sonne" or "Links 234" proves impressively. The great production, the very clear mix by Stefan Glaumann (final producer as always Jakob Hellner) is bringing in the right power. There is no denying: even if you haven't liked Rammstein yet, you will agree that the band have exceeded themselves with this album. Surely one of the most important records of the year 2001.


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Maor G.

2 Reviews

Posted on: March 27, 2017

Rammstein at their best!

When you look back at a band's discography and look for the album where they truly made their mark, this is definitely it for the Germans stomp rockers. Hit after all time favorite hit smashes through your ears in this thrilling roller coaster that makes you want to lean German so you can sing along with more ease :-)
Whether it's the crunching march of Links 234 and Ich Will, or the heart breaking melodies of Mutter, almost all of the songs in this album are stadium musts m/
The first half of the album is better than the last 5 songs in my opinion and they are less perfect but still awesome for the most part, and I did not have the heart to give it only 4 stars, so I'll give it 4.5 stars in my book :-)

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