"Many faces of Iron Maiden" LP yellow-red by V.A.

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Appearing as a colored double LP (yellow/red), it impresses with strong tracks from Paul Di'Anno, Ian Gillan Band, Slammer (produced by Steve Harris), Saxon, Black Star Riders (produced by Kevin Shirley), and many more.

On 'Many faces of Iron Maiden,' the aim is to discover the lesser-known works of the band and its members. This gives the listener, for example, the opportunity to experience the work of Steve Harris as the producer for the band Slammer. Additionally, you can hear Stratus, the band of drummer Clive Burr after his departure from Maiden. Also included are the big hits from the band's first two albums (still favorites for many fans) featuring the vocals of Paul Di'Anno, the original singer. All the many rarities and more complete this significant album, not only for Iron Maiden fans but for all hard rock/metal lovers in general. 'Many faces of Iron Maiden' comes with detailed liner notes, remastered sound, and beautiful artwork. This package will not be available on any streaming platform.


Item no. 474513
Colour yellow-red
Musical Genre Various
Media - Format 1-3 2-LP
Product topic Bands
Band V.A.
Product type LP
Release date 10/9/20
Gender Unisex
1. I will be there - gomagog feat. paul di'anno, janick gers 2. Back street lovers - stratus feat. clive burr 3. Night lights - mccoy feat. ron "rebel" matthews & paul samso 4. The evil that men do - doogie white (almost iron maiden) 5. Even if it takes - stratus feat. clive burr 6. Wratchild - paul di'anno 7. Running free - paul di'anno 8. Phantom of the opera - paul di'anno 9. Mad man in the attic - paul di'anno 10. The living dead - paul di'anno 11. The number of the beast intro - regan kendrick 12. The number of the beast - chris neufeld & richard kendrick 13. Aces high - tim ripper owens, ira black & richard kendrick 14. Hallowed be thy name - doogie white 15. Run to the hills - steve overland from fm 16. Rainmaker - d3vilmaycryy 17. Revelations - mystic force 18. 2 minutes to midnight - steve grimmett 19. The clairvoyant - ravage 20. Killers - electric sister

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