"Love will fix it" CD by Emil Bulls

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Appearing as a limited edition CD + SIGNED booklet bundle, Emil Bulls, known for their dynamic presence in the alternative metal scene, are about to release their highly anticipated new Album 'Love Will Fix It' on January 12, 2024. This Album marks a bold step forward in their musical journey, combining their established sound with innovative elements that will captivate both longtime fans and new listeners. Their commitment to evolving their music keeps their style fresh and compelling, creating a strong connection with their audience.

The band's vibrant energy and groundbreaking performances highlight their readiness for an innovative future. 'Love Will Fix It' is not just an Album, but a manifesto of healing and unity, reflecting the transformative power of love and music. The Album's themes reflect hope and reconciliation, embodying the promise of healing and unity through melodic anthems and powerful lyrics.

The new Album will unleash a whirlwind of emotions, combining the raw energy of metalcore with lyrical depth centered around repairs, hope, and the power of love.

Witness the electrifying rise of Emil Bulls as they redefine alternative metal and make a lasting impression on the music world. The band invites their fans to experience this transformative power up close on their headliner tour.


Item no. 566033
Musical Genre Nu Metal
Media - Format 1-3 CD & Autograph card
Product topic Bands
Band Emil Bulls
Product type CD
Release date 1/12/24
Gender Unisex

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