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Regimes rise and fall. Stars shine and fade. Trends come and go. MINISTRY continues to live on. The six-time Grammyยฎ Award-nominated and multi-platinum awarded band, founded and led by Al Jourgensen, has been seeping through the darkest corners of popular culture for over four decades, infecting the mainstream by gleefully spitting out acoustic bile through the cracks in the facade of the system. Born in the '80s, they survived the '90s, endured the turn of the century, and even weathered a damn pandemic. But MINISTRY shows no signs of standing still or slowing down - not even for a breath. Instead, the band - 'Uncle Al,' John Bechdel [keyboards], Monte Pittman [guitar], Cesar Soto [guitar], Roy Mayorga [drums], and Paul D'Amour [bass] - unleashes another dose of hymnal industrial metal on their 2023 released opus and sixteenth Album, 'Hopiumforthemasses.' The guitars crash, the drums thunder, and Al is as righteous and cantankerous as ever about a fucked-up world that is ripe for an ass-kicking.


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Musical Genre Industrial
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Band Ministry
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Release date 3/1/24
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