"Es bleibt kalt°! (2003-2023)" CD by Eisbrecher

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In the beginning, there was ice, and then came the music. That was 20 years ago, Eisbrecher was born.
The good tradition of releasing a summary of their work on round and semi-round band anniversaries is also upheld for Eisbrecher - Es bleibt kalt°! (2003-2023) on their twentieth anniversary. It is essential because in recent years, their repertoire has grown by more than a dozen hits with the release of Schicksalsmelodien and Liebe Macht Monster. But before the present masterpiece Eisbrecher - Es bleibt kalt°! (2003-2023) is released on August 18th as a 2CD Digipack, double Vinyl (one black, one white), the track 'Wir sind Gold' will already be available on July 7th, coinciding with the pre-order start of the album.
This song has only been available on a special promotional CD and the US version of Sturmfahrt and has not been digiheighty released to date. It is not perfectly documented whether the track 'Wir sind Gold' is a result of the gold award for the albums Die Hölle muss warten and Schock, but with Eisbrecher, nothing happens without vision and a wink. Almost nothing. In order to finally make the track, which is highly valued on eBay, accessible to the fans, it will not only be released as a single but also as a lyric video on YouTube. To top it off, there is 'Anfang,' a second song that has not yet seen the light of day digiheighty but exists on a long-out-of-print Metal Hammer compilation from 2021. It won't be long before this rarity also indulges the ears of all fans.
One thing is certain: Eisbrecher - Es bleibt kalt°! (2003-2023) is a birthday package meticulously put together with attention to detail that will make the corks pop with excitement. This will beautifully shorten the waiting time for their next album. 40 hits in 20 years, no other hard German band, especially, can accomplish that so quickly. Their status as an extraordinary phenomenon in the local music scene is confirmed. The best part: the next 20 years of Eisbrecher begin here and now, unpredictable and unstoppable, but with one guarantee: it remains cold!


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Musical Genre Electro
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Band Eisbrecher
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Release date 8/18/23
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