"Balls to Picasso" CD by Bruce Dickinson

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The second CD contains a total of 16 bonus tracks from the Bruce Dickinson album 'Balls to Picasso'!


Item no. 426383
Musical Genre Heavy Metal
Exclusive No
Media - Format 1-3 2-CD
Edition Re-Release
Product topic Bands
bestOf Yes
Band Bruce Dickinson
Product type CD
Release date 5/23/05
Gender Unisex
1. Cyclops (Remastered) 2. Hell No (Remastered) 3. Gods Of War (Remastered) 4. 1000 Points Of Light (Remastered) 5. Laughing In The Hiding Bush (Remastered) 6. Change Of Heart (Remastered) 7. Shoot All The Clowns (Remastered) 8. Fire (Remastered) 9. Sacred Cowboys (Remastered) 10. Tears Of A Dragon (Remastered) 11. Fire Child (Remastered) 12. Elvis Has Left The Building (Remastered) 13. The Breeding House (Remastered) 14. No Way Out...To Be Continued (Remastered) 15. Tears Of The Dragon (Acoustic Chillout) (Remastered) 16. Winds Of Change (Remastered) 17. Spirit Of Joy (Remastered) 18. Over And Out (Remastered) 19. Shoot All The Clowns (12" Extended Remix) (Remastered) 20. Laughing In The Hiding Bush (Live) (Remastered) 21. The Post Alternative Seattle Fall Out (Live) (Remastered) 22. Shoot All The Clowns (7" Remix) (Remastered) 23. Tibet (Remastered) 24. Tears Of The Dragon (First Bit, Long Bit, Last Bit) (Remastered) 25. Cadillac Gas Mask (Remastered) 26. No Way Out... (Continued) (Remastered)

The second CD contains 16 bonus tracks!

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