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Musical Genre Thrash Metal
Exclusive No
Media - Format 1-3 CD & DVD
Product topic Bands
Band Hatesphere
Product type CD
Release date 4/27/07
Variable, intelligently structured Thrash Metal, which is likewise filigree and subtle, but also just directly hits the pit of the stomach.
Andreas Reissnauer

by Andreas Reissnauer (05.04.2007) A good two years and numerous live shows after "The sickness within", the growing fanbase of the Danes finally gets new audio material. Heaviest Thrash Metal, phatly produced, and with a big portion of aggression. The guys around Jacob Bredahl also enlarged their horizon and don't step into the repetition trap. The tempo is much more varied and especially the repeatedly incorporated, monstrous groove parts hit you with an immense power. Since The Haunted more or less said goodbye to the Thrash Metal-scene with their last album, Hatesphere are their most likely replacement already scratching with their hooves. Maybe, their album still lacks in the one, decisive hit, still, this possible deficit is made up by the constant quality of all the songs. Result: if you like high quality Thrash Metal with finesse, you don't get by "Serpent smiles and killer eyes". A killer!


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