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Gender Unisex
Musical Genre Thrash Metal
Exclusive No
Media - Format 1-3 2-LP
Product topic Bands
Band Sepultura
Product type LP
Release date 11/3/17
Re-released on black double vinyl.

Sepultura are one of the most internationally successful and influential Brazilian bands of all time, with sales of over 30 million records. Their 1996 album ‘Roots’ is once again remastered and pressed onto vinyl. As well as the remastered classic, this package contains extensive bonus material in the form of demos and rough mixes.
LP 1
1. Roots Bloody Roots (Remastered) 2. Attitude (Remastered) 3. Cut-Throat (Remastered) 4. Ratamahatta (Remastered) 5. Breed Apart (Remastered) 6. Straighthate (Remastered) 7. Spit (Remastered) 8. Lookaway (Remastered) 9. Dusted (Remastered) 10. Born Stubborn (Remastered) 11. Jasco (Remastered) 12. Itsári (Remastered) 13. Ambush (Remastered)
LP 2
1. Endangered Species (Remastered) 2. Dictatorshit (Remastered) 3. Ratamahatta (2 Meter Sessions) 4. Roots Bloody Roots (2 Meter Sessions) 5. Attitude (2 Meter Sessions) 6. Kaiowas (Take 1) 7. Procreation (Of The Wicked) 8. Roots Bloody Roots (Demo Version) [Remastered] 9. Attitude (Instrumental Rough Mix) 10. Cutthroat (Instrumental Rough Mix) 11. Dictatorshit (Instrumental Rough Mix) 12. Untitled (Demo) [Remastered] 13. R.D.P. (Demo) [Remastered] 14. Dusted (Demo) [Remastered]