"Rockabilly Blue - Classic" Hair Dye blue by Manic Panic

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Manic Panic - Rockabilly Blue - Classic

Semi-permanent hair colour, not tested on animals. Vegan friendly ingredients. The colour fades after every wash. The Amplified series lasts 30% longer than the Classic series. English instructions included.

Directions for Hair Dying
1. Hair Bleach (We recommend Manic Panic Hair Bleach (Art 256279). Follow the instructions on the packaging.) If you use another hair bleach, the after treatment/conditioner should NOT be used after the bleach!
2. Rinse your hair with clear water.
3. Apply the dye on the hair. Use a comb or special hair dying brush to distribute the color evenly, massage the dye into the hair with your fingers, leave the product for 15 to 60 minutes.
4.Carefully rinse your hair until the water becomes clear. Finish off with cold water and preferably use a treatment or conditioner.

General Info About Our Hair Dyes:
When it comes to quality, color, etc. remember that the end result ALWAYS depends on how your hair looked before dying.
To be sure you really obtain the hair color you want, we recommend to always test the product on a strip of hair before dying!
Our hair dyes are not particularly allergenic BUT if you are unsure whether or not you can bear a product, put some on your skin, e.g. the bend of the arm (it will leave a color mark so think about where you do it). Then wait for a few days and check if you have a reaction. If you do, you might be oversensitive to the product and should not dye your hair.
In order to get an intense result that looks like our tests, always bleach your hair before dying it. Light shades such as white or pastel colors will only work on bleached hair.
Our white dyes are actually a very light shade of purple which eliminates yellow shades on the hair, so don’t be terrified if it looks light purple after the use, it mostly goes away after the first wash.
The color will be as similar as our tests as possible if your hair already is as light as possible. None of our dyes is damaging to the hair, they don’t contain any ammonia. Different pigments will be differently difficult to bleach/wash out.
Dying very blonde hair in a red shade will produce a color that won’t wash out after 6 to 8 weeks. It will gradually wear out by going through different colors, either orangeish or pinkish, depending on which color the red is based on. In other words, red pigments are very difficult to wash out quickly whereas blue pigments usually wash out of the hair quite easily.
Our color tests are all made on synthetic hair and might therefore look different than when used on real hair... Different computer screens also give off colors differently.
Many red shades can turn out very differently on different hair types, depending on how long the product is left in the hair, etc.
Remember that our dyes lightly color skin, clothes, towels and bathrooms, so protect EVERYTHING you do not want colored (including your skin)! This is also valid when your hair is wet, even if not freshly colored!
We are not responsible for eventual miscolorings or damaged clothes or objects in your home. Since ALL hair is different we cannot guarantee the result on your hair specifically, as we do not know how it will react to the hair dye. So don’t forget the test strip.


Item no. 256273
Colour blue
Brand Manic Panic
Exclusive No
Product topic Fun merch, Gothic, Rockwear, Streetwear, Festival, Rockabilly, Punk, Halloween, Romance, Pastel Gothic, Nu Goth, Alcohol & Party, Costumes
Product type Hair Dye
Release date 3/18/13
Gender Unisex

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