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Gender Unisex
Musical Genre Death Metal
Exclusive No
Media - Format 1-3 CD & DVD
Edition Special Edition
Product topic Bands
Band Gojira
Product type CD
Release date 6/22/12
Gojira, the biggest Metal institution of France, release a new album in summer. "L’Enfant Sauvage" is the name of the new opus, which roughly translated means "wild child"! And as wild as the title is also the song material on the new Gojira album! The special edition contains two bonus tracks as addition to the album, and a bonus DVD featuring the complete "Les Eurockéennes" concert recorded in 2009!
Disc 1
1. Explosia 2. L'enfant Sauvage 3. The Axe 4. Liquid Fire 5. The Wild Healer 6. Planned Obsolescence 7. Mouth Of Kala 8. The Gift Of Guilt 9. Pain Is A Master 10. Born In Winter 11. The Fall 12. This Emptiness 13. My Last Creation
Disc 2
1. Main Menu Page Loop (Toxic Garbage Island) (Live) 2. Orobourus (Live) 3. The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe (Live) 4. Backbone (Live) 5. Love (Live) 6. A Sight To Behold (Live) 7. The Art Of Dying (Live) 8. Drum Solo (Live) 9. Clone (Live) 10. Flying Whales (Live) 11. Toxic Garbage Island (Live) 12. Vacuity (Live)
Peter Kupfer

by Peter Kupfer (10.04.2012) Gojira are back with an amazing album. „L’Efant Sauvage“ is definitely the best record since the band started in the 1996 with the name Gozilla. They changed not only their name and with the previous record “The Way Of All Flesh” they showed in an impressive manner their technical skills and their ability to write deepest Death metal without losing melodies. With „L’Efant Sauvage“ they improve these initial steps and start again a musical roller coaster from the first to the last songs. Already the first song “Explode” show that this French guys blend again different styles which makes a classification of the sound impossible. Incredible fast drum parts meet melodic and more instrumental supported elements. Complex but still sophisticated arrangements and breathtakingly hook lines go through all 11 songs without any compromise. Straight to the point and still with enough opportunity to discover new facings with each play, L’Efant Sauvage” step up a gear compared to the predecessor. This is how Death Metal should sound in the year 2012. Outstanding!