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"Blood & Glitter" CD by Lord Of The Lost

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The German genre visionaries LORD OF THE LOST are ending the year 2022 with a big bang and will release their eighth studio album Blood & Glitter overnight on December 30. After extensive Tours throughout the year, including as special guests of IRON MAIDEN, and the great success of their last album JUDAS (#2 Official German Album Charts), the band takes a 180-degree turn thematically and visually. After the mythological and theological predecessors, the band expresses their love for the sound of the 80s and the visual style of early 70s glam rock on Blood & Glitter, without neglecting the relevant metal elements. The album gets straight to the point and goes all out from beginning to end - there are no ballads at all. Blood & Glitter embodies the energy of a LORD OF THE LOST live show and can be brought to the stage as a complete work. The lyrics of the songs, which are consistently kept in up-tempo and mid-tempo, are direct, honest, current, political, critical, and urban – and often surprisingly angry or very personal. Musical and lyrical contrasts, as usual, run like a common thread through the album, which once again presents many changes compared to the previous work. Blood & Glitter was produced and recorded at the Chameleon Studios in Hamburg and the Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki. Blood & Glitter is 100% LORD OF THE LOST - 100% 'unconventionally familiar' as before! Blood & Glitter was inspired by the famous music photographer Mick Rock's work of the same name, known as the man who photographed the musical 70s - a large part of all photos from the original glam rock era comes from him. LORD OF THE LOST visually dive into the lifestyle of that era and combine it with the wave and pop sound of the 80s, based on their own familiar dark metal foundation. The result: a glamorous party with critical and blunt messages. Chris Harms on the album release: 'In a time when the marketing madness for every album seems to get longer and longer, when half of the album or even more is already known six months in advance through preview singles in order to generate a high chart result through high pre-sales, the essence of what it should actually be about is increasingly lost: the pure magic of the first listen of a new album by your favorite band. With this unprepared release, we want to convey that 'like before' feeling! Forget about the charts, playlist pitchings, and 1,000 meaningless reviews in advance. What is important is what an album means in the long run, not how high its 'value' is on the day of release.' While the title track 'Blood & Glitter' immediately catchy opens the album, 'Leave Your Hate In The Comments' is a strong statement against the flourishing hate culture in social media. 'The Future Of A Past Life' features Marcus Bischoff, the singer of Heaven Shall Burn, as the first guest on the album. Andy LaPlegua from Combichrist participates in 'Reset The Preset,' while the band is supported by Subway To Sally's Ally Storch on the violin for 'Save Our Souls.' The album concludes with 'One Last Song,' to which Chris Harms says, 'I wondered which song I would want to sing last before I die and realized that this song didn't exist yet. So here it is. Probably the most important song I've ever written.' As a bonus track, the album includes a duet cover of Roxette's 'The Look' with none other than the German 90s pop star Blümchen. Blood & Glitter is 100% LORD OF THE LOST. The band once again takes their own path and releases an album without much advance notice, breaking all clichés, prejudices, genre norms, and conventions while making strong statements in the content!


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Musical Genre Gothic Rock
Media - Format 1-3 CD
Product topic Bands
Band Lord Of The Lost
Product type CD
Release date 12/30/22
Gender Unisex

CD 1

  • 1.
    Blood & Glitter
  • 2.
    Leave Your Hate In The Comments
  • 3.
    Absolute Attitude
  • 4.
    The Future Of A Past Life (feat. Marcus Bischoff)
  • 5.
    No Respect For Disrespect
  • 6.
    Reset The Preset (feat. Andy LaPlegua)
  • 7.
    Destruction Manual
  • 8.
    Dead End
  • 9.
    Leaving The Planet Earth
  • 10.
    Forever Lost
  • 11.
    Save Our Souls (feat. Ally Storch)
  • 12.
    One Last Song
  • 13.
    The Look (Roxette Cover) - feat. Blümchen

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