"After Midnight Blue - Classic" Hair Dye blue by Manic Panic

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Manic Panic - After Midnight Blue - Classic

Hair dye instructions
1. If necessary, bleach your hair according to the instructions on the packet. If you use a product to bleach your hair, do NOT follow with any accompanying conditioners or care products! 2. Rinse hair with clean water.
3. Apply dye to hair. Use a comb or special hair dye brush to ensure even distribution, then massage in with the fingertips. Leave the colour to develop for 15 to 60 minutes.
4. Carefully rinse the hair until the water runs clear. Finish off rinsing process with cold water and, ideally, follow with post treatment or conditioner.

General information about hair dye:
Results (quality, colour, etc.) ALWAYS depend on the condition of the hair before the dye was applied.
To make sure you achieve the hair colour you really want, we recommend you test the dye on a strand of hair first!
As a general rule, our hair dyes are non-allergenic, BUT if you have any concerns about a possible reaction, we recommend performing a patch test on the skin, for example the crook of the arm (the dye will stain, so choose the test site accordingly). If a reaction develops over the next couple of days, this could indicate a hypersensitivity to the product and we would not recommend using it on your hair.
You should always bleach your hair first if you want to achieve results of the same intensity that we achieved in our tests. Bright shades like white or pastel colours can only be achieved if you bleach your hair first. Our white colours are actually very light shades of purple, which eliminate any yellow tones from the hair – so don’t be alarmed if your hair appears to be a light shade of lilac after you first dye it: this should mostly disappear after the first wash.
Your hair needs to be as light as possible if you want to obtain similar results to those we achieved in our tests. Our hair dyes cause minimal damage to the hair; they don’t contain ammonia. Some pigments wash out more quickly than others – this means that different colours wash out at different speeds.
If you dye very blonde hair a shade of red, this could take over 6-8 weeks to wash out. It will gradually get lighter, either becoming more orange or pink depending on the original colour. Red pigments are very difficult to wash out, while blue pigments wash out of the hair much more quickly.
Our colour tests are all carried out on artificial hair and that’s why they look slightly different than they’d look if real hair had been used. Colours may also look slightly different on different computer screens.
Many red tones will look different on different hair types, depending on how long they were left to develop.
Please note that our dyes may stain skin, clothes, towels and bathrooms. Make sure to cover/protect ANYTHING you don’t want to get stained (including skin!). The same applies to wet hair when it’s just been dyed!
We cannot be held responsible for any accidental staining of clothing/objects. Since EVERYBODY’S hair is different, we cannot guarantee that you will achieve your desired results with our hair dye. It is impossible for us to predict how any individual’s hair will respond to our hair dye – that’s why it’s so important to perform a strand test.

Contents: water, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, cetrimonium chloride, propylene glycol, Aloe Vera barbadensis miller leaves, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone.


Item no. 440805
Colour blue
Brand Manic Panic
Outer material see description
Product topic Fun merch, Gothic, Rockwear, Streetwear, Festival, Rockabilly, Punk, Halloween, Romance, Pastel Gothic, Nu Goth, Alcohol & Party, Costumes
Product type Hair Dye
Release date 9/16/20
Gender Unisex

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