The EMP Christmas Family

You can't choose your family, as they say. So it's pretty understandable that at Christmas, when several generations all get together under one roof to eat, drink and exchange gifts, sometimes things end up in tears and recriminations. Allow our Christmas family to inspire you and discover loads of cool gift ideas for a happy Christmas period with your very own horribly nice family.

Grandma Ellie

Ellie has long since developed a soft spot for bad jokes and has a weakness for knick-knacks and ugly Christmas jumpers. Her loved ones can just about overlook her penchant for dodgy jokes... The fact that she hides her family's outerwear and replaces it with ugly jumpers is the last straw, though. Especially for her daughter-in-law Isabel.

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Grandpa Joe

Whilst most pensioners spend their time at home in front of the TV or hosting coffee mornings, Grandpa Joe rocks from festival to festival with his walker. The aging heavy metaller never misses a chance to headbang or stage dive. Of course, during the winter he's got to put those plans on hold - but that doesn't mean he's going to turn down the music! 'Hells Bells' instead of 'Jingle Bells' is standard at his place.


Mum Isabel

Don't expect this mum to pack you a nice, normal packed lunch. When Isabel goes to school events, all eyes are on her. She is the mistress of sinister looks, and her penchant for black - whether clothing, beauty products or decor - often clashes with her job as a psychotherapist. Her cynical indifference can be a little trying at this festive time of year.

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Dad Henry

Like father, like son – except that Henry, unlike Joe, prefers classic rock & roll. He likes to think of himself as a 'cool dad', which is sometimes true. His Elvis impressions are the highlight at every work event, although his kids are not quite so impressed. He particularly likes to clash with his loved ones about their musical taste.

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Son Jack

He knows more about fictitious continents and distant universes than about what a bin is for. His room is plastered with posters of powerful superheroes and he hoards treasures like a dragon. In any case, he'd rather ride horses or fly spaceships than get motorbike lessons from his dad. Apart from that, he often argues with his mum Isabel about whether or not he can use swords in the house.

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Daughter Emily

Emily, aka babydreamdestroyer, lives to battle her way through all sorts of different gaming worlds. As a certified couch potato, it's hard to get round her. Family members have to be careful about making any kind of mistakes lest they end up in one of her livestreams, which have quite a number of followers thanks to her impressive gaming skills.

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Even if your cousin gets on your last nerve, grandpa puts his favourite music on way too loud and grandma insists that you wear the awful, hideous knitted jumper that she made you, at the end of the day, you're still family and you've got to stick together. The EMP CHRISTMAS FAMILY wishes you a happy Christmas season and loads of fun shopping.