Urban Classics - Men's and Women's Casual Clothing from EMP

Sometimes, you prefer casual? Welcome to our EMP Urban Classics Shop! Here you'll find clothes and accessories in street-wear style that are comfortable, casual, and sporty at the same time.

According the motto: "Less is more", Urban Classic forgoes striking logos or prints, and focuses on clear lines and simple colours. The cuts are plain and simply comfortable! And the best thing: fortunately, Urban Classics clothes are absolutely affordable! Sometimes, you don't have to pay a fortune for great quality.

Skirts for the hot days - you never can have enough of these casual pieces. You can combine all items just as you like and create new outfits each time. Visit the EMP Shop and browse our Urban Classics range - you'll certainly find something cool! Ladies, you're spoilt for choice and can decide between soft teddy fur waistcoats, sexy bandeau and tank tops, leggings, longsleeves, jackets, and a lot of accessories. For men, we have t-shirts, longsleeves, tracksuit trousers, jumpsuits, jackets, caps, and much more.

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