Grit your teeth, for here comes Jawbreaker! An alternative Label from London, combining the aesthetics of Rock and various subcultures with a tinge of classic Punk, Victorian Gothic and Steampunk style. Sounds wild? It is, indeed! Jawbreaker offers one-of-a-kind designs, whether it's dresses, skirts, tops or accessories. If you like to express yourself through music, fashion and a distinctly individual lifestyle, you will love Jawbreaker. In our EMP Online Shop, you find the ouija dress, for example. Really nice, sexy and above all very practical because with the front print, you always have a witch board at hand to invoke spirits. Maybe you would like to carry a punky bag alongside or wear a shortVictorian jacket made from light brocade. It will surely make some jaws drop. So become a Jawbreaker!

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