Fans of Anime - you're in for a treat!

Anime – cartoons with style

Small noses, small mouths, large eyes and you got yourself an anime character. The classic Japanese cartoon style has become a genre brand and is considered iconic among cartoon lovers. Anime series, movies and characters are being sold, collected or imitated in the form of elaborate Cosplay costumes.
Anime have been around for over 100 years and the Japanese movie industry still manages to come up with new excellent and truly addictive series. Doesn't matter if it's Mecha, Sentai, Shōnen, Sport or another subgenre – we love them all! That's why there's a huge range of anime products available at the EMP online shop. We got something for everyone.
Do you like animes as black as your soul? Then go get yourself the Tokyo Ghoul pint glass – truly evil! Or how about a Death Note notebook – but be careful what you write down. Or maybe something not that heavy? We got a whole bunch of fan merch from Pokémon, Sailor Moon and of course DragonBall Z. We are also offering f.ex. T-shirts, posters and your heroes as funny Funko Pop! Figurines...just take a look around! Our EMP online shop holds a whole lot of stuff from the range of anime. Maybe you'll even find a dragonball.