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If you're into action combined with great special effects and cool superheroes that come up with a clever phrase even when the world is about to collapse, you won't get past Marvel. Since the beginning of the millennium, Marvel has been producing one great blockbuster after another. Marvel was able to garner huge attention with their comic series, whereas movies were rather rare. In the mid-90s, Marvel came close to bankruptcy and undertook its last heroic attempt to save itself by licensing the company to a film studio. The result was the awesome and really successful X-Men which paved the way to further comic film adaption. Spider-Man, Daredevil, Hulk, the Punisher and many more followed. Today, millions of fans are visiting the moves in order to see the newest Marvel masterpieces. The X-Men series with all its sequels and prequels, the Iron Man series and of course the Avengers were especially successful. No wonder that Marvel has planned another 20 comic adaptations until the year 2020, some of which are sequels and crossovers. Whatever Marvel has in stock – you'll find all the merch in the EMP Online Shop. Everything from Ant Man T-shirts and Guardians of the Galaxy Funko Pop! figurines up to Captain America tracksuit pants. Just MARVELous!

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