Queen Elsa of Arendelle is one hell of a girl, not only thanks to her good looks but because she simply kicks ass. We have Disney Studios to thank for creating her and for once abandoning the stereotypical image of a princess. Elsa is the first one who does not wait for some dubious prince to save her. Why should she? After all, she has supernatural powers that enable her to master ice and snow. In fact, she is something akin to the Disney equivalent of an X-Man, so why would she need a prince?! With this movie, Disney also trod on thin ice in other respects: Elsa's sister Anna is the first princess to sing a duet with a villain while Elsa herself is the first Disney princess who isn't a pre-teen, and the first to be crowned on screen. A lot of firsts for Disney, but they obviously paid off. The movie turned out to be the most successful animated film ever. Afterwards, Norway (the country serving as a model for the landscape in the movie) became a favourite travel destination, while the names Elsa and Anna grew in popularity, as did the demand for more merchandise.

We will gladly meet it in our EMP Online Shop. There you find a lot of jewellery by Disney Couture, for example ear studs in the shape of snowflakes or Elsa's ice palace as a pendant. Of course, we also have fan merch en masse featuring the amiable little snowman Olaf - he is available on tops, sweatshirts, keychains, necklaces, ear studs or as sweet little Funko Pop!. By the way, we also have princess Anna and Queen Elsa of Arendelle herself as Funko Pop!. There are blankets and pillows, too lest you catch a cold. So don't you hesitate, just let go and get what you want. Ice, ice, baby!

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