Be enchanted!

The magical world of Walt Disney

Nothing is impossible in the realm of Walt Disney. Rabbit holes lead into entirely new dimensions, a pumpkin turns into a carrion and you can meet elves, genies and talking animals - and most importantly: Walt Disney makes fantasies come true! Every girl turns into a princess, every boy into a hero - while everyone is already anticipating the happy end. Until then, however, numerous adventures will have to be mastered. Like fighting a horde of pirates in Neverland. May you'll even have to stop the great vizier from taking over the square of the Sultan and thereby gaining control over the Empire or turn a simple healthcare robot into a super hero. Exciting adventures waiting to be experienced lurk in every corner. The EMP Online Shop offers the right equipment in order to prepare you for your adventures. We have some of the best Disney themes waiting for you in the form of dresses, tops, shirts and hoodies. Or how about some jewelry by Disney Couture? Get yourself some necklaces, earrings or pendants with characters and motifs from your favorite Disney movies. Each piece is delivered to your doorstep inside a purple velvet bag. Would you like to have your Disney heroes for your own home? No problem! We have a bunch of Disney Funko Pop! Figurines waiting for a new owner. Whether it’s the evil Maleficent, the ice princess Elsa herself or one of the funny side characters such as Lumière the Candleholder – EMP has them all. Dive into this magical world and let us enchant you!