At least once in our lives, we had this dream of flying through the dark and cold night wearing a red cape and a tight-fitting blue suit with the famous "S" on the chest, our black hair tousled by the wind... Right, Superman is one of THE super heroes of our time. Looking back on the beginnings of Superman aka Clark Kent, it's sure to say that noone would've thought the Man of Steel would become that popular one day. After all, the creators of Superman, Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, sold their Superman rights for a meagre 130 US-$ - 1938, nobody thought the reporter/flying hero would be such a success in the future.

Various comic books, feature films, TV series, and other adaptations have followed. Most notably are the films with legendary Christopher Reeve in the leading role - he seemed to be the natural-born Superman. But what is the story behind Superman? It all starts at the remote planet Krypton which is threatened by an approaching catastophe. So, scientist Jor-El descides to send his son Kal-El to the planet Earth in a spaceship in order to rescue him.

The extraterrestrial spaceship lands in the state of Kansas - more precisely, in Smallville. Kal-El grows up with the Kents, a couple with a farm, and he is named Clark. He recognises pretty soon that he is no ordinary boy - something special is hidden in him. After noticing his super powers, he decides to fight crime. His alias: Superman - the Man of Steel. To keep his second identity a secret, he works as a reporter for the Daily Planet, the most important newspaper in his town - which gives him the advantage of being at hand when the criminals leave their holes, endangering people.

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