EMP’s range of Dragon Ball Z merchandise is as bright, bold and kickass as the classic manga series itself. DBZ is well known for its stunning visuals, and the lines on offer here are just as eye-catching and are sure to turn heads, whether you’re grabbing an everyday garm with a DBZ touch or are looking for some authentic Dragon Ball Z cosplay items. Budding Gokus can kick off their outfit with this Goku cosplay t-shirt or this EMP-exclusive Goku cosplay dress, while those just looking to show their love for the series should check out the rest of our awesome Dragon Ball Z t-shirts range, featuring this Goku t-shirt casting our hero in some moody lighting, or this blue Vegeta t-shirt, featuring Goku’s rival looking just ready to kick some tail.

Looking for Dragon Ball Z accessories and gifts? We can help you there too - whether you’re after Dragon Ball Z Funko Pop! figures, keyring pendants, wallets or mugs and glasses, once you’re done shopping our range of DBZ merchandise your home’s gonna look like the Turtle School!

Son Goku, the protagonist of Dragon Ball Z, first walked into the lives of cult anime and manga fanatics back in 1984, when the series ran in a weekly magazine. Dragon Ball Z was soon compiled into 42 stand-alone books before being turned into the animated TV series we know today. Following a group of friends led by the aforementioned hero, the band head out on a quest to find seven Dragon Balls and have their wish granted by a mythical dragon, facing off against demons, aliens, deadly warriors, and other ferocious enemies en route. As the journey continues, the brave young souls find themselves transported to distant realms that offer peril and pleasure in equal measure, making for one of the most compelling and adored of all cult Japanese pop culture brands.

Do you follow Goku and his exploits? Then grab some of our Dragon Ball Z merchandise and begin your journey to become a Z Fighter.

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