Black Soul - Black Blood

Emphasise the dark side of your soul.

Are you into pentagrams, inverted crosses and other occult symbols? Then we have two words for you: Black Blood! The new exclusive EMP brand.

These shirts, sweaters and jackets are kept simple. It's the motifs that really meet the eye. They are presented solely in black and white and there's almost something demonic about them. Bats, severed arms, occult symbols and of course stylish lettering. Sometimes plain and small below an inverted cross, other times spanning the entire width and length of the shirt in sinister letters. The large prints will make your dark and mystical aura omnipotent.

The motifs are available on regular t-shirts or girlie shirts. And the best thing about it: you won't have to sell your soul first since Black Blood won't cost you much. Visit us and check out the Black Blood products in our EMP Online Shop. If you find something you like, you can order it easily and exclusively at EMP.

Carpe Noctem!

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