If a band stand on the edge of an abyss, there are but two options: give up or carry on. After the arrest of As I Lay Dying's singer Tim Lambesis, the other band members had to make this difficult decision. Maybe the Metalcore pioneers have given up on their As I Lay Dying baby - but a new, even stronger band is waiting for us instead: WOVENWAR. The band has recruited a new singer, Shane Blay - and this guy sure knows some things about his trade!

But if you think the Wovenwar boys are just copycats of the As I Lay Dying style and jump on the success waggon, you're completely wrong. Wovenwar stands for great clean vocals, catchy guitars, and a damn dark atmosphere - modern Metal in perfection. The boys may have shed some of their brutality, but instead, they've upped the ante regarding melody and catchy tunes: each song goes right to your brain and lingers there for a long time. Songs such as "Tempest" or "Sight Of Shore" are perfect examples. The guitar riffs are a wellness treatment for all fans of Modern Metal - catchy, fast, right in the kisser. And when the awesome voice of Shane chimes in, you know the breakup of As I Lay Dying does have a good side, too - otherwise, we would have never heard of this band, after all.

For all fans of As I Lay Dying and Modern Metal, this is a mandatory band. Due to their experience, the boys are seasoned performers and deliver incredible shows. Singer Shane Blay is no newbie to the job, too - he has already toured around the world with his band Band Oh, Sleeper. Wovenwar is a band consisting of awesome musicians who know exactly what they do - perfect music for fans of catchy music. Of course, we have a Wovenwar EMP Online Shop besides our As I Lay Dying EMP Online Shop. How about the debut album "Wovenwar", for example? We also have the matching black Wovenwar Logo T-Shirt or tank top on stock - that's as good as it gets, isn't it?! So, get yourself a Wovenwar CD and a Wolvenwar shirt and celebrate the boys - you won't regret it!

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