Wonder Woman

She's faster than Mercury and stronger than Hercules - of course, we're talking about Wonder Woman. A comic heroine right from the start of the genre, with quite an impressive career: the very first female super hero ever, founding member of the Justice League of America, and besides Superman and Batman one of the Big Three of the DC Comic heroes.

In the 1940s, the comic universe was just brimming with male superheroes. Psychologist, feminist and avowed comic fan William M. Marston was really annoyed by that. So, he sat down with the boss of All American Comics and came up with a character endowed with a lot of feminine charm and the power of Superman: Wonder Woman. The heroine's name is actually Diana, and she's an Amazon princess of the island Themyscira. During WWII, a US pilot crashes on the island. When his health is restored and he returns back home, Diana, dressed as an army secretary and going by the name of Diana Prince, goes with him. As Wonder Woman, she commits herself to the fight against the Nazis, benefiting not only from her enormous power, but also from her special weapons. She has two bracelets she can deflect bullets with, and a lasso that forces everyone in touch with it to tell the truth. By the way, the idea for the lasso also came from the originator of Wonder Woman, Marston, who also invented the lie detector. But the superheroine has one weakness: she loses her superpowers when bound by a man. Obviously, an Amazon thing... With the DC Comic re-edition "The New 52" Wonder Woman underwent a drastic overhaul, though. The new story is focused mainly on the fight of the Greek gods for the Olympus. In this story, she is the daughter of Zeus, the father of the gods - and this story will also be told in the film DC has announced for 2017.

We can already get a first look at the Amazon in the film Batman vs. Superman. And of course you can already provide yourself with loads of fan merch in our EMP Online Shop. We have a stylish Wonder Woman hoodie, Wonder Woman socks (even with a cape), wallets and also a Wonder Woman bracelet that is very decorating and will defend you against evil adversaries.

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