Wintersun have accomplished what many bands want, but don't get ultimately: The Finns have almost worn out their excitement level, releasing just 2 albums within 8 years... And the haven't lost one fan in the meantime. With the album "Wintersun", the former Ensiferum guitarist Jari Mäenpää wanted to start a new chapter with a new concept. Wintersun were extremely versatile and multi-faceted - it was hard to put them in a genre box: "epic" and "complex" are just some of the terms used to describe Wintersun's debut album. Two years later, "Time" was supposed to be released but it was postponed several times. Driven by perfectionism and with a lot of love of details, Wintersun returned to the studio again and again to improve or rerecord songs. They didn't even refrain from new recordings of certain elements which ultimately led to constant postponements of the original release. But the process has paid off, after all because Wintersun have built their own monument with "Time". First, it was meant to be one studio album, but finally, two albums were released:'"Time" and"Time II" make the long wait worthwhile.
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