Wildcats - let's hear you roar! EMP has lined up a range of Wildcat jewellery and accessories that will make you purr with delight. If you’re strong and independent like a wild cat, then this range is made for you. Whether you’re into body modification or just looking for some stand out jewellery, EMP has got you covered. Check out our range of Wildcat tunnels, ear plugs, contact lenses and nose rings for some real body-modding bounty. Or, if you’re looking to dress to impress, our Wildcat jewellery collection has some eye-catching gems, including Wildcat rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Like to rock and live your life on the wild side? Want to express your individual personality? Wildcat is the brand you’ve been searching for. Established in England in 1989, the label was created to help people express their unique personalities via intriguing and distinctive body jewellery. At the end of the ‘80s, the body jewellery business was still considered a fleeting phase that didn’t have much of a future. This could not have been more wrong: piercings and tattoos got immensely popular, and so, jewellery and accessory designs were constantly redefined and improved.

Wildcat founder John Donoghue hasn’t just built a brand, he’s contributed so much to body modification culture too. Flesh tunnels, smooth segment rings and microbells were all developed by Donoghue, allowing members of the alternative community new ways for people to express themselves.

Since day one, Wildcat has been committed to making quality jewellery and accessories. This commitment to quality has seen them become the leading piercing jewellery brand, loved by consumers and retailers across Europe. So as soon as EMP laid eyes on the Wildcat range, we know it would be perfect for our customers. We stock Wildcat piercing jewellery, earrings, tunnels, plugs, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and rings emblazoned with awesome motifs such as skull designs or the head of a lion. Our other killer items are the Wildcat contact lenses. Want to switch up your eye colour? No problem - in no time at all, you can have piercing blue, white or red eyes. If you want to get even quirkier, get the Fairytale contact lenses, which makes your eyes glow a freaky bright green!

The perfect all-around outfitter for individualists, Wildcat accessories let you walk on the wild side and EMP is on hand to help you do it.

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