Looking for While She Sleeps merchandise? You’ve come to the right place. Formed in 2006 in Sheffield, While She Sleeps have been creating awesome melodic hardcore and exciting fans with energetic performances ever since. We’re stocked up with While She Sleeps t-shirts and albums at EMP, from their amazing debut This is the Six to the heavy sounds of their latest album You Are We (CD| vinyl| limited edition CD digipak | limited edition CD & 2-LP boxset)

While She Sleeps’ debut record The North Stands for Nothing was a huge hit with fans, but This is the Six managed to top it with catchy vocals, amazing lyrics and brilliant riffs. It’s no wonder that While She Sleeps won a Kerrang! Award for Best British Newcomer in 2012 and it was this that inspired their third album Brainwashed (CD| deluxe edition CD) with its hefty riffs, profound lyrics and intense metalcore sound. Vocalist Lawrence Taylor underwent throat surgery in 2014 but that hasn’t stopped the band from continuing to create a powerful onstage presence. Teasing fans with singles “Civil Isolation” and “Hurricane” meant there was huge anticipation for While She Sleeps’ most recent album You Are We and it doesn’t disappoint – this is melodic hardcore at its finest!

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