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It all started with provoking lingerie: in the 90s, designer Simone Franze caused a downright scandal with it, creating lascivious underwear in her Berlin living room and printing pictures of saints and religious symbols on it. Her Forbidden Couture caused some furore because on the one hand, she was accused of blasphemy, and on the other, people loved her stuff ecstatically.

One thing is obvious: the combination of halo and sin led to a new fashion trend. After all, you have to admit that a picture of Mary on a thong is quite cheeky! Simone Franze was inspired by actress Brigitte Bardot who, playing the role of a stripper in -pay attention to the film tittle- Viva Maria , was a stunning, admirable beauty.

In the meantime, Vive Maria has become a sucessful enterprise not only designing lingerie, but also everyday clothing, swimsuits, and accessories. The fashion label is geared towards confident and stylish girls who want to stand out and accentuate their female side.

Following the motto "opposites attract", Vive Maria focuses on the combination of innocence and eroticism. The brand aims for being charming and sensual at the same time: romantic, playful bows, delicate lace, and lovely flower designs adorn the elegant and girly garments. But after a closer look, they don't seem to be that innocent any more: a figure-hugging cut, frills and drapes, and other playful details make for an alluring appeal!

But the provoking masterpiece still is the lingerie and nightwear collection! Mary or other saints do not occur that often on the hot items - today, the brand prefers crosses and roses refining transparent elements and lacings. And this combination of nice and naughty is the core style of Vive Maria!

Be it clothing or lingerie - the extravagant pieces by Vive Maria are real eye catchers! In our EMP online shop, you can stock up on the scandalously sexy collection. We have  lingerie, sexy hosiery, sensational aufregende beachwear, and beautiful dresses.

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