When Venom was launched 1979, it was a case of forging three bands into one: the original line-up of the English Metal legend consisted of members of three bands who wanted to start a new era with Venom. The end of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal had come, and Venom delivered two of the probably most important influences on Thrash and Black Metal with their first albums "Welcome To Hell" and "Black Metal". There is no doubt about that fact - and even musicians confirm the importance of the Brits. With albums such as "At War With Satan", "Possessed" or "The Waste Lands" the band achieved massive success until 1993, but later, Venom split up. The reorganisations took their toll. But 1995, Lant, Dunn and Bray had enough of the silence and Venom returned from oblivion with the release of the "Venom '96 " EP. "Cast In Stone", "Resurrection", and "Fallen Angels" followed, demonstrating Venom's importance for the Metal scene again. And even Punks dig Venom, as determined by significant music critics. But as long as Venom continue releasing albums, the musical preference of their fans doesn't matter anyway.

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