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Just catch a snatch of Trivium’s 2003 debut album Ember to Inferno, with its spiralling lead breaks and epic riffing, and you’ll understand why Trivium’s searing melodic passages and huge riffs quickly generated a major buzz. Vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy was only 17 at the time of release, but tracks such as “Pillars of Serpents” featured a metal roar that matches tons of the old pros alongside compelling melodies and elements of heavy metal; he hasn’t let up since.

With follow-up album Ascendancy this Florida four-piece hit the road to success. The album has everything you expect from thrash metal: weird riffs, enough bang-your-head moments, and an awesome drum barrage. Lead guitarist Corey Beaulieu led the way with stunning solos, and the album saw Trivium launched onto the world stage at Download Festival in Castle Donington.

Could it get any better? Trivium raised the bar even further with Shogun, a killer album. More thrash influences, more screaming, and a debut at No. 1 in the UK Rock Album Charts.

From Ember to Inferno through to In Waves (CD | CD & DVD), Trivium have honed their style and have stood the test of time: elements of thrash influence from Metallica and Machine Head, tempered with a more melodic metalcore sound. Soaring riffs, dual guitar harmonies, screaming – Trivium has plenty to keep fans buzzing – and what could keep you buzzing more than paying tribute to the band with some screamingly good Trivium merchandise?

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