Too Fast

For people wearing this brand, there's only one life style: too fast! Exactly this philosophy is behind every seam and every single fibre of Too Fast, just like the love for speed, horror, and Punk Rock. With their designs, the boys and girls of Too Fast like to push their limits or even go beyond. In other words, everything you'll find here is the definition of Rock'n' f***ing Roll.

Too Fast started as a little D.I.Y. project somewhere in an unheated basement in New Jersey. The fashion label has become bigger in the meantime, but it has always stayed 100% true to its roots and its style nevertheless. You like to live on the fast lane with sex, drugs, and Rock'n'Roll? In this case, Too Fast is the perfect label for you. How about a sweatshirt with the provoking statement "Get Tattooed & Worship Satan"? Or do you prefer a shirt with a mug shot of Marilyn Monroe? Whatever you choose, the snappy black & white prints leave a striking impression and will always remind you of the ideology of Rock: It is better to burn out than to fade away! The EMP Online Shop awaits your visit.

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