The Almighty Thor

Thor isn't just a superhero, he is a genuine god, born and brought up in the Nordic world of gods, Asgard. He's the son of Odin and Forjgyn - an illustrious family! Well, apart from his weird brother Loki, maybe, but every family has a black sheep, gods or no gods...

Thor made his first appearance as a Marvel hero 1962. In the comic, Thor is exiled to earth by his father Odin as a lesson in humility - but without any memories regarding his true identity. Many years, he lives on earth as Dr. Don Blake until he finally finds out that he is the god of thunder and his walking cane is the mighty hammer Mjölnir, meaning "crusher" in ancient Nordic language. Only of you're worthy of it, you can lift it up. It's worth a try anyway because if you're worthy, you'll be given the power of Thor. Nice Deal, isn't it?! If you want to prepare for the hammer challenge, our EMP Online Shop will help for sure. We have divine Merchandise directly from Asgard. The Thor shirt provides you with unexpected powers, a morning coffee from the Thor cup works twice as good - and for training purposes, we also have a Mjölnir keyring. Prove you're worthy - it's up to you! By Odin's beard!

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