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It was a chance re-meeting between old school friends Mick Jagger and Keith Richards that sparked the birth of The Rolling Stones. Bonding at a train station over the Chuck Berry record Jagger was holding, the two kicked off a musical partnership, adding Brian Jones, Ian Stewart and Dick Taylor to form the band's original lineup. The Stones were the yin to the Beatles' yang in the early '60s, eschewing the matching haircuts and suits in favour of a meaner, edgier look and matching attitude. More than twenty studio albums followed over the next five decades, with current lineup of Jagger, Richards, Charlie Watt and Ronnie Wood becoming the most synonymous with the band.

Despite having more than 50 years of stage experience, the band that epitomises sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll may have gotten older, but they definitely haven't calmed down. Just as eccentric and thrilling as they were in the '60s, the Rolling Stones truly deserve their place among rock's elite; show your love for these music megastars with some merch!

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