The Flash

Make way for the fastest man on earth - The Flash! He's the only one who's even faster than Superman - still, he somehow manages to be always late.

The Flash is one of the first comic superheroes ever. After his colleagues Superman and Batman had paved the way successfully in the 1930s, The Flash alias Jay Garrick appeared on the scene in 1940. The 1950s saw a new edition of the superhero and Barry Allen became The Flash. Barry even managed to achieve light speed, so he could walk on water and run though walls due to hyper-accelerated vibration of his body molecules - awesome, isn't it? He was succeeded by two more Flashs, both even faster than their respective predecessor, and both with even more skills. Fortunately, DC has decided to produce a phenomenal series about the hero which has been shown on TV since 2015. Of course we won't let you down regarding The Flash merch. In our EMP Online Shop you'll find a lot of fan merch of the speedy superhero: The Flash t-shirts, The Flash socks they will make you look good - and maybe you'll become fast, too. Besides, we have the The Flash Poster to the current TV series, and a lot of The Flash figures and accessories - enjoy!

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