Hola nerdmigos and welcome to Nerdvana - EMP’s alternate universe stacked full of The Big Bang Theory merchandise! Navigate through our inter-dimensional portal and you’ll find a galaxy full of Big Bang Theory t-shirts, plus mugs, games and figurines. Die-hard fans will want to check out our exclusive Big Bang Theory Sheldon "Bazinga!" t-shirt, featuring everyone’s favourite socially awkward scientist, Sheldon Cooper, and unavailable anywhere else in Europe. So put down your research papers, quit playing Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock and treat your inner geek to some Big Bang Theory merch. It’s not rocket science.

Since 2005, Dr. Cooper, Dr. Hofstadter, Dr. Koothrappali, and Mr. Wolowitz have been the socially inept, lovable geniuses we can all identify with. The Big Bang Theory focuses on the former two, Sheldon and Leonard, who know everything about just about anything - except human relationships. Their universe centres around science, science fiction, comics, and, of course, world domination and the impending invasion of androids. But their nerd-centric cosmos descends into chaos theory when Penny, an attractive girl, moves into the apartment across the hall. A waitress at the Cheesecake Factory, she dreams of one day becoming an actress. Leonard falls in love at first sight forcing Sheldon into some unwanted social interaction - and so begins a new chapter in their lives. Fortunately, their friends, Howard and Rajesh, are always on hand to help...well, not really, but their nerdy banter is on point and their bromance is heart-warming.

Season after season, this geekgasmic sitcom delivers plenty of surprises for Leonard, Sheldon, Rajesh and Howard. With the show hitting huge ratings numbers and winning countless awards, we can expect The Big Bang Theory to be around for a while yet – and show producers have even revealed plans for a spinoff. Charting the life of Sheldon as a young boy, Young Sheldon will look at what life was like during his East Texas school days. Expect geeking out, epic awkwardness and plenty of lolz. While you wait for the spinoff, kit your nerd cave out with EMP’s periodic table of Big Bang Theory merchandise. It’s a carbon-filled catalogue of essential elements every Big Bang Theory fan needs to experiment with!

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