You don't need to introduce Terror - since their start in 2002, this band has been personified Hardcore. Terror know how to party Hardcore-style, be it on an album or on stage. Front shouter Scott Vogel sort of redefined stage diving, making it a standard at Hardcore events. But Terror deliver a perfect and pure Hardcore performance on their albums, too, being one of those bands that stick to the true style until today. Even their debut "One With The Underdogs" was a demonstration of pure aggression and no compromises. "Always The Hard Way" stayed true to its name, carving 15 songs into our skulls. Ever since then, Terror have been a vital part of the scene, and also live up to their direct statements such as "Take this shit to the next level" - proven by their albums "The Damned, The Shamed", "Keepers Of The Faith" and "Live By The Code". The band has become more and more successful - and they have been offered bigger stages and bigger circle pits as a result - see you there! Terror have their own little pit in our EMP Shop, of course: You can warm up with their releases, and for the circle pit action, we have the appropriate Terror merchandise ready for you.

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