Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is a master regarding violent fun - of course, only in his great movies, that is. The film freak, director, producer, script writer and actor lives for his films, he has created universes around them - and every film fan loves his output. He left the high school when he was 16 and fully committed himself to watching every possible movie there was, spending all of his spare time in the Grindhouse cinemas of that time. Tarantino absorbed all of them which led to an admirable film knowledge - he knows all those little details in almost every film, all the details most people miss. You could say Quentin Tarantino is a walking film encyclopedia.

He released his very first film in 1987 - the title of the flick was "My Best Friend's Birthday". But Tarantino also had his share of bad luck: half of the film was destroyed by a fire in the cutting room. Instead of being frustrated, Tarantino used his rage as inspiration to write new scripts - which were met with little response at first. Finally, he had his big break-through with the absolute gangster classic "Reservoir Dogs", and Tarantino's cult status has been growing ever since.

Films such as "Pulp Fiction" and "Jackie Brown" fortified his position even more. Quentin is an unstoppable genius, and "Django Unchained" has proven once again that passing his spare time in Grindhouse cinemas has really paid off for him.

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