Fire up the time machine - we're off to the Middle Ages: Tanzwut combine classic medieval Folk with Metal and Electro - an explosive mixture that makes for a great dancing battle sound track. The Germans live up to their name - the fans and the musicians dance themselves into total ecstasy in front of and on the stage... Which is no surprise, after all, the boys create an absolute weird sound universe taking you back to the Middle Ages - it's just not the old, but the more modern Middle Ages...

The lyrics deal with gleeman, pestwomen, and of course with the devil - the perfect plot for medieval Metal in proper style, together with hard, low-tuned guitars, bagpipes, and a satanic voice, this adds new blood to the genre. Albums like "Ihr wolltet Spaß", "Weiße Nächte" or "Eselsmesse" are must-haves for any fan of the Middle Ages! If you're game for a gloomy trip to the Middle Ages, you should definitely check out our Tanzwut EMP Online Store. We have Tanzwut shirts and albums waiting for you.

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