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Not afraid to weigh in on controversial issues, System of a Down tackle hardcore subjects head-on. Criticising politics, attacking the war on drugs, highlighting injustice; it’s all in a day’s work for SOAD and their hard-hitting lyrics. Originally launching the band under the name of Soil before adopting their current moniker in 1994, the band launched their self-titled debut System of a Down in 1998, with the singles “Spiders”, “Sugar” and “Suite-Pee” unveiled a kind of metal no-one had ever heard before. Tankian's vocals (dis)harmonised perfectly with the music and the band’s Armenian touch added to the new sound.

Filling a void no-one knew existed, System of a Down diversified further with Toxicity, released three years later. The key System of a Down sound was still there, but this time injected a ballad and some softer sounds in amongst the core metal material. The first single, “Chop Suey!” drew worldwide attention and the band’s popularity soared. The 2002 release of Steal This Album! saw guitarist Malakian get more involved in SOAD’s creative process - even stepping forward for some vocals on Mezmerize and Hypnotize.

Never losing their edge, System of a Down continue to deal relentlessly with unpopular topics, effortlessly mixing arresting lyrics with brutal jams saw them seal their place as true titans of metal. The group went on hiatus in 2006 but resumed touring in 2010; now, after a twelve year wait, SOAD fans are eager to hear the next album. With the fearsome foursome working on some new material, the long wait may soon be over.

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