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Suicide Silence turned the Deathcore scene upside down with their first three albums already. The band started 2002 in sunny California, but right from the start, the musicians were not interested in a sunny direction as far as their music was concerned. „The Cleansing“, released five years after the band's launch, was the first attack announcement: 13 brutal, monstrous songs with the shouts by front man Mitch Lucker raised the bar pretty high already. And they also got their first credits, among other things, for the song „The Price of Beauty“, which was even adapted to a video. With the sentence „Pull The Trigger Bitch“ from the song „No Pity For A Coward“ the band had found their slogan for their live performances: they pull the trigger and shoot, that is, give everything for their audience. „No Time To Bleed“ picked up where Suicide Silence had left before. It was a live recording, and such a hefty barrage of sound that even the international music world did hear Suicide Silence, and their peers looked at Riverside, the band's home town, quite startled, and a bit afraid of the things that they feared would come from there. „The Black Crown“ went beyond the scope of their impact then. 11 songs brimming with hate, aggressions, and rage were created - they should dwarf everything the band had released before. The following concerts, especially their performance at the With Full Force Festival 2012 showed that Suicide Silence were willing to wreck and tear down any given stage - that gig was a sure-fire recommendation for headline slots in the years to come. On Nov. 1, 2012, singer and Deathcore legend Mitch Lucker died in a tragic motorcycle accident, and Suicide Silence almost called it quits. But first, Suicide Silence played the "The Mitch Lucker Memorial Show" on Dec. 21, 2012 in the Fox Theater in California. Commemorating Mitch Lucker, the boys from Suicide Silence performed their material with various guest vocalists, such as the song "Unanswered" with guest singer Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel. On that evening, Ricky Hoover, Jonny Davy, Eddie Hermida, Robb Flynn, and Randy Blythe, to name a few, performed with Suicide Silence. Shortly after, the emotional concert was released on CD and on DVD. But could Suicide Silence end up like this? No!

With All Shall Perish's Herman "Eddie" Hermida, a long-time friend of the band has taken over the position of Mitch Lucker. Mitch would have wanted it that way. The expectations of the fan community were extremely high, of course - but with "You Can't Stop Me" , Suicide Silence have proven that they are able to look ahead. The album is a genuine groove monster aiming right for your bowels. And Mitch Lucker doesn't only live on on the first albums, but also on "You Can't Stop Me" - the main part of the lyrics was written by Mitch. Suicide Silence are back!

We're looking forward to the future of Suicide Silence and can hardly wait to see the boys back in Europe again. In our EMP Suicide Silence Online Shop you find Suicide Silence shirts, sweaters, cups, and CDs. 


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