Stone Sour CD Albums

Stone Sour is a US Alternative Metal band originally launched 1992 by Slipknot singer Corey Taylor. After some demo recordings between 1992 and 1997, Corey put the project on ice. Only when Josh Rand approached Corey 2002 with some ideas for songs, Stone Sour was revived.

2002 - ten years after the start - the band released their debut album "Stone Sour" - two songs on it were nominated for a Grammy Award in the Category Best Metal Performance.
The band's second album Album Come What(Ever) May was also a smash hit and was selected album of the year 2006 by Heavy Metal Magazine Metal Hammer.

In order to give their fans the opportunity to participate in the creative process for the third album "Audio Secrecy", Stone Sour commented the works on their official Twitter profile.
They also did that when they started working on the fourth album in spring 2012. The two-part album is titled House Of Gold And Bones and consists of 24 songs.

According to their own words, Stone Sour are committed to melodic Hard Rock with substance and initiative. Musically, the band has been especially influenced by the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Metallica and Alice in Chains. The characteristic voice of Corey Taylor is well-known from Slipknot, and also defines the Stone Sour sound: the range goes from melodious, clear singing to screams and growls.

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