Spiritual Beggars

Spiritual Beggars are much more than a mere side project of Michael Amott who, as is generally known, is also a founding member of Arch Enemy. No, Spiritual Beggars are rather the other musical side of the guitarist. The Swedish Stoner band with the Metal touch that also appeals to Metal friends, too, was launched by Amott in 1993 to live out the passion for this kind of music. With their debut album "Spiritual Beggars", the combo laid a solid foundation which was perfected and fortified with the releases "Another Way To Shine" and "Matra III". These records smell like sweat and feel like honest work! Spiritual Beggars didn't rest on their laurels, though, but worked constantly on new song material which should offer a perfect combination of Metal and traditional Stoner music. Even line-up changes couldn't stop this band, and with the albums "Return To Zero" and "Earth Blues" the band demonstrated that they are able to integrate great melodies in the songs. There are just a few bands that would manage that feat in such an impressive way. These accomplishments are reason enough for us to offer Spiritual Beggars stuff in our EMP Shop. We have the albums and bundles with merchandise ready for you.

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